About the Site

Beleive in the BloodBelieve in the Blood is for people that believe in miracles! Through this website we hope to share the miracles that Jesus is performing today right now in lives of people across the world. Our prayer is that this is a place where people will come to gain belief in the healing power of the Blood of Christ and share their story so that others can celebrate and believe in a miracle for their own life. Whether you are looking for a miracle in your own life or just enjoy reading about the healing power of Christ Jesus, we hope this website builds your belief that Jesus is doing miracles right here today in this century. Believe in the healing power of the Blood of Christ because by His stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:24).

About the Book

book_cover_smallBelieve in the Blood takes you through the author’s journey from being diagnosed with cancer to receiving proof of complete healing from Jesus. The author lets you travel with her as she recounts exactly how she prayed and remembers the night she actually felt the power of Jesus heal her body. She was touched by Christ and through this book is now sharing with others the Scriptures that led her to her healing. Isaiah 53:5 says that we are healed by Jesus’ stripes. Believe in the Blood is about how the Blood of Christ can heal and shares with you the miracles Jesus is doing still today in this century. This book is meant to share the author’s story in hopes that others will come to Believe in the Blood.

About the Author

Believe in the Blood Author PictureSerena Langston is the author of the book titled Believe in the Blood: How the Blood of Christ Healed Me of Cancer. She acquired her Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University in 1999. She married her husband in 2001 and her dream of being a mother came true in 2005 with the birth of their son. Serena has appeared on The 700 Club as well as The Harvest Show, a live internationally syndicated Christian talk show that is broadcast around the world. She enjoys homeschooling her son and telling others how Jesus healed her so they too might Believe in the Blood.